Deep Tissue Massage

If there is another popular massage technique, it is deep tissue massage that is often compared to the classic massage.
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However, unlike the Swedish massage, deep tissue massage goes further and is intended for a different purpose. The difference often goes down to three: technique, pressure and intended use.

The basics of a deep tissue massage go back to the classics as it also employs similar strokes but it uses more pressure. It works into the deeper layers of muscles and fascia to break up the tight knots. It is ideally used for chronic muscle problems, which include soreness, injury, or imbalance. It can also help relieve tight muscles, chronic muscle pain, and even anxiety.

Deep Tissue Massages
During a deep tissue massage, the massage therapist will start applying slow, forceful strokes. By doing this, knots and strains in the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue will be released. The overall aim is to realign the muscles and release chronic muscle tension often caused by ailments or injuries. That is why, it is often used to address chronic pain, relieve deep layers of muscle tension, and promote correct muscle function.

At times, deep tissue massage can be slightly uncomfortable, but it should not be painful. This happens usually when the massage therapist is working on a muscle with a knot. When tight muscles or knots are forces, there is a tendency to do more damage to the delicate areas instead of addressing the real problem.

Commonly, deep tissue massage is done on people who are recovering from muscle injuries that are caused by sports or an accident. Other people who may also benefit from this type of massage are those who have structural abnormalities of the spine and muscles.

A massage therapist performing deep tissue massage uses the elbows and forearms to reach deep layers of the muscle tissue. The strokes are quite similar to Swedish massage except that they are done more forcefully to release tension deep in the muscles as well as the connective tissues or fascia beneath the muscles. Because more pressure is applied to a particular part of the body, it can be somehow strong for someone who only needs a relaxing massage. The patient will also feel a bit more uncomfortable, which is why it is not advisable for someone who wants to experience stress relief.

Before making an appointment, regardless of the type of massage technique, it is always best to consider the needs of the patient. You can find several massage therapists who are specialized in certain of therapy, such as sports injury recovery or pregnancy massage. That is why it is ideal to find a suitable massage specialist to increase the chance of having a more effective and enjoyable massage experience.

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Take time to talk to a therapist about your preferences, such as the level of pressure that you want and will still make you comfortable. It will also help a lot if you can mention any muscle tensions or sore spots so they can focus to work on these areas. Make sure also that the therapist is aware of any injuries that you have or if some sensitive areas need to be avoided.


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